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Crazy Days & Sleepless Nights

The title of this post probably makes you think of college days - but no college stories here! So there hasn't been a ton of change in this family lately. Kaydence is still a little over 12 pounds. She is working to sit up, but we haven't quite reached that point yet. I was super excited last week that during her OT session, she grabbed a hold of her new little toys and put them right to her mouth. That is a big deal for her! We work each day to touch our toes, to do our sit ups, and to stretch our muscles. She also keeps rolling over on her side. I know she is going to figure out that she can roll over completely without being in a fit of rage.
This past week during OT, we also got a Bumbo seat. It has been both a blessing and a curse. Abigail, developing into her middle child self, has decided that it is okay for her to pick up Kaydence and put her in the little seat. The first day she did this I was in the bathroom putting on my makeup and listening to Kaydence fuss a littl…