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There is just a reality

My husband and I rarely do date nights. This is mostly because life is hectic and we are too cheap to hire a babysitter and go out. Yes, I admitted it. We are too cheap to go out anymore. However this last Saturday, we went out. To the cemetery. To look at burial plots. For us. We met with the kind Mrs. Gresham, who oversees the goings on of the city cemetery. My father in law joined us because he knew a little more family history about the relatives who are already deceased - I mean, you want to know who you might be buried next to!

Yes, this is our reality. We plan as much as we can to prepare for the unexpected. I'm sure God laughs at us, but we don't want to leave a mess behind when He calls us home. We have three kids and the youngest is special needs, or differently abled, or whatever politically correct word you think you need to use. The painfully obvious point of our reality is that we will always need to plan for our precious Kaydence to have care in place should som…

The end of an era

It was past nine o'clock on a school night. Triple overtime was beginning. Two minutes to decide their fate in the world of basketball. Parents and siblings were all cheering. Super K of course was pretty excited as she is Wade's biggest fan .At the end of the two minutes, with five of the six sixth grade boys on the court, they fell by one basket. Their time in a Little Dribblers league was over. Forever. Tears flowed from those boys because they play with their whole heart as a team. They were amazing to watch.

This week has been a real challenge in the Neyland household. Wade has been in his final National Little Dribblers Tournament and the county livestock show is happening. Thankfully, the tournament was within a daily driving distance. As a matter of fact, I told Wade on our way home from the loss that win or lose, I really enjoyed spending the day with him. He missed all of his events at the livestock show, while his dad and little sister stayed there so she could show…

When Your Heart is Full

Today was the perfect spring day. The weather warmed up. The clouds cleared away leaving sunshine to warm your skin while the green grass feels cool beneath your toes. That is what I hope the day is like when I pass from this earth to be in the presence of my Heavenly Father, much like one of my very best friends did today. Life can be so cruel in that so many days it is just full of the best times, and then at the end you are left fighting the struggles of age. Yet so many blessing happen at all points of life, and the final victory is in that eternal life as a believer in Christ.

I have known for a while now, that my grandma's life on earth was drawing to an end and for many days I have spent remembering so many great days spent with her. Her house was my absolute favorite place to be and it was easy to be there because we lived just across the pasture. She was my neighbor and I took full advantage of it. I can only slightly remember one incident when I was small that I was not …

Catching up from Christmas

Today I realized that I haven't posted anything since before Christmas. I guess that Christmas away from the family, was, at that time, just a little sad to write about. Then we got super busy coming home. Since we've been home, life hasn't been too easy, but it is looking better right now.

Christmas in Baltimore was slightly surreal. It was me, my mom, and Kaydence. Normally on Christmas Eve, I dress my girls in matching clothes, dress my men in new clothes, and actually work to fix myself up a little, then we all head to church for the candlelight service. At the service, I sing Oh Holy Night, we ring our bells, light the candles, worship God, and afterward we load up and head to Fairfield, where we have always had Christmas at Grandma's house. This year wasn't just different for my little family; it was different for the whole extended family. This year, Kaydence and I got up Christmas Eve morning and walked over to Barnes and Noble Bookstore, where we got Starb…