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Praising in the Storm

Some of you might find this hard to believe, but there is never a dull moment in our house. Rarely do my children nap at the same time. Meals are full of gagging (and I'm not a bad cook...just picky eaters). My kids even talk in their sleep. All of them. So life presents many challenges on a daily basis.
This morning I had to restrain Abigail, who stayed home from preschool because she has had fever. Being the daddy's girl that she has become, she insisted on being near him all day. ALL day. He had to go out to his car for a major conference call and when she finally figured out where he had gone, she tried to sneak past me and out the door to him. When I caught her, one would have thought I was carrying a chainsaw in a horror film. She screamed, kicked, hollered, cried. I might even upset her more than seeing Ronald McDonald. All I could do was hold her and speak calmly. But through the fit, I was just glad she can throw one.
Wade discovered today that accidents happen. He…