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A Day in the Life of Special Needs

So today I took Kaydence for an appointment for new orthotics. We drove to Normangee because the very friendly orthotist was fitting kids there and we are on spring break, so by going there he didn't have to schedule an extra day to come to Centerville. I was excited to only have to drive as far as Normangee because it feels like we have to drive so far for EVERYTHING. I felt blessed today to be able to load up my three kiddos and drive 30 minutes or less down the road for a very necessary service. I also feel completely blessed that the PT took the time to line this up and I didn't have to. When your child needs a lot of appointments, you just get very tired of making all of the appointments. It's a lot of work to be a personal assistant and schedule it all!

Even better than all of that, is that I had the chance to meet with the PT and PTA who work with Kaydence. When we first began her journey a year ago at the school, we heard some words like "electric wheelchair&q…

Can you believe Kaydence is 4?

It's so hard to believe that my miracle baby is now 4 years old! It doesn't matter if you're having fun or not...time flies! As I sit here reflecting on 4 years of Kaydence Grace, I recall that 4 years ago she was only about 3 hours old at this moment and they were flying her out to Dallas. I will never forget the nurse bringing her to me in that delivery room, wrapped up like a burrito, already bagging her to be able to breathe, and I looked at her eyes and saw they were blue. She is the only one of my kids born with blue eyes, so that was really something to see! I looked in those blue eyes and kissed her head as she gave me the same glaring look she gives me now. Some may say it was the drugs they gave me, but I'll stand firm that the Peace of God washed over me that night and ever since. He has blessed us with this child over and over. My view of the world is so different. I appreciate small steps in her development each day. Her laughter fills my heart. Every day …

So There's This Kid at Church

And I think for purposes of this blog, I will call him Tim. My friend Hillary and I had been talking about kicking up a children's choir at church for probably the past two years. In August we finally got it together. We had anywhere from 10 to 15 kids each Wednesday night. Not too shabby in my opinion! Somewhere around late September or October, our wild little boys were in the church yard playing football before choir started, and Tim rode up on his bicycle. He asked one of our wild ones that he knew from school what they were doing and he answered, "We are here for choir." I'm not sure what else was said, but Tim began showing up for choir too. He would ride his bicycle up and park it in a parking spot. I would move it to a safer location. If it was raining, he walked or rode that bike. If it was cold, same thing. He began coming to choir almost every Wednesday. On his own. Let me emphasize that for you. On. His. Own.

Rarely did Tim want to accept a ride home beca…