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So There's This Kid at Church

And I think for purposes of this blog, I will call him Tim. My friend Hillary and I had been talking about kicking up a children's choir at church for probably the past two years. In August we finally got it together. We had anywhere from 10 to 15 kids each Wednesday night. Not too shabby in my opinion! Somewhere around late September or October, our wild little boys were in the church yard playing football before choir started, and Tim rode up on his bicycle. He asked one of our wild ones that he knew from school what they were doing and he answered, "We are here for choir." I'm not sure what else was said, but Tim began showing up for choir too. He would ride his bicycle up and park it in a parking spot. I would move it to a safer location. If it was raining, he walked or rode that bike. If it was cold, same thing. He began coming to choir almost every Wednesday. On his own. Let me emphasize that for you. On. His. Own.

Rarely did Tim want to accept a ride home because he thought his dad would not like it. It came time for the Christmas program and Tim told us he probably wouldn't be there because he had to go to his mom's house. He wasn't at the program. He did, however, show back up to choir when we started again in January. My heart was very full to see him because I really thought he had to move (he always says he is moving soon.)

So tonight was Ash Wednesday service, and we did not have choir as usual so that we could focus on the service. Tim showed up. He was sitting toward the middle of the church and I noticed him after I took my seat beside my husband, who always works the sound system from the very back of the church. Wade, my son, and I decided to sit next to Tim. I patted him on the back and told him how glad I was to see him and that I hope he wasn't disappointed we didn't have choir. He told me he was just so glad to be at church. His eyes just twinkled as he said it. Tim was genuinely glad to be at church. As we sang hymns, I pointed to where we were in the song just as I do for my own kids. We opened the Bible together. We burned our palm leaves for ashes. Tim sat there with wonderment and joy on his face the entire time. Then it was time for communion. He was really watching. I asked him if he had ever taken communion before. He shook his head no, but boy was he excited. It felt like such a blessing to sit beside this child about to take his first communion. After church, I introduced him to several of the ladies and he hugged everyone of them I think.

I sat there in awe of what God is doing in Tim's little heart. His heart is so full of joy. So precious. So much love to give! God has something planned for Tim. I pray it is significant and that Tim's precious soul goes on to help light the way for others. God has certainly touched MY heart through Tim.

So it was a little chilly tonight and Tim wasn't wearing a jacket. I begged him to allow me to take him home. He was hesitant, but he finally relented. His house isn't very far at all. When I dropped him off, I got to meet his dad, who was very polite and has very kind eyes. I told him thank you for letting Tim come to choir. He beamed and told me that it is all Tim. Tim chooses to go. Tim wants to be there. WOW! This child is only in the second or third grade and brings himself to church choir each week on his own. All of us adults can learn from this. I love watching what God can do. I love having the freedom and opportunity to serve as the hands or feet of the body of Christ. I love watching little ones grow in Him too. Never ever turn away someone from church. Never ever turn down the opportunity to serve. You never know what you are really there for, but God will show you in time.


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