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Whoa! A poster ninja!

Yep. I'm still here and ready to update you on Kaydence Grace. How did I find the time? Why, by waiting on my ride to pick us up from an appointment, of course!
Today we visited our infectious disease specialist. He liked Kaydence's progress. She is getting much better holding up her head. Her liver and spleen have reduced in size thank the Lord! He is concerned about low muscle tone. He suggested we have Physical Therapy once a week in addition to our Occupational Therapy. She is going to walk, talk, run and's just going to take a little longer, but hey, we will take it!
Kaydence also had an eye screening today. You'd have been impressed with her answers and ability to read tiny letters. Nah. Just kidding. To check her vision the poster ninja held up a series of poster boards with different sizes and colors of lines. She would hold one up, put it down, spin it all around like some nun-chucks and hold it up again! Kaydence did better than other babies of her adjusted age. It was awesome to hear. I almost cried. I did actually cry when we got to the bathroom. It just makes you feel good to hear one thing that seems healthy and normal about your beautiful baby. Now her vision can change, but with time she will probably need glasses anyway if she is like me.
What's next? Normal baby stuff and hearing screening. I feel confident her hearing is good as she reacts to both Abigail and the sound of my flip flops entering the room. Even if her hearing isn't great someday, it could just be that, again, she is like her momma. I can't hear that great myself! But through all of this I know God answers prayers and I know He has this.


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