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Outtakes in DC

So we decided to round out our trip by touring Washington, D.C., and it was a great decision. Kaydence has actually tolerated traveling much better than we expected. One of our close friends who lives in D.C., recommended a Bed and Breakfast near her neighborhood for us to stay in. What a fantastic decision! First of all, this place is what I would consider "super swanky." It is a row house with 2 bedrooms and 2 baths with a kitchen that is straight off of HGTV. We have been able to spread out, do laundry, and live a normal lifestyle. We learned how to use Uber and also UberEATS. Honestly, if I had had the chance to come to D.C. before husband and kids, I could have easily stayed. Ordering Chinese takeout was just too fabulous for me. Haha!

Our first day we toured Arlington National Cemetery. Tommy and I have been there multiple times, but never with our own kids. Let me say, learning to be a parent toting a handicapped child is hard and frustrating lesson. Kaydence is just 28 pounds, but when it is 100 degrees outside, a 40-inch, lanky, 28-pound kid is hard to carry! We had the stroller, but that quickly became a hassle. We decided to take the tram tour of the cemetery because we are out of shape and can't walk that far and it was a scorcher. We boarded the tram in the handicap section where you can strap in wheelchairs and sat there and set the stroller there as well. Then we had to fold up the stroller and I had to re-pack all of my tiny bottled waters and remove the cool bag that attaches to the back of the stroller so they could pack 4 more people on. I really wanted to curtly tell them that the stroller serves as a wheelchair and my kid is a handicapped person. Dang it, she is five years old and cannot walk! Leave us the heck alone. But instead I held in my rage and they took my stroller several cars back. Then when we stopped, we had to locate it, unfold it, put her back in it, then take her back out, fold it, and place it in the tram in a spot other than where we were as we boarded another tram. Folks, that stuff is hard work in 100 degrees and it is hard on her too, and hard on her parents' patience with each other.

Regardless of the stroller situation, the big kids enjoyed the tour, loved the changing of the guard, and I hope learned why it is important that we place our hand over our hearts during the Anthem, why we say the Pledge of Allegiance, and why we support the people who protect our freedom. The rest of America needs to tour it too and gain some perspective. They are adding on to the Cemetery now. It is already 628 acres and they are adding on. And these are just the people who WANTED to be buried there, not including the people who are buried at home. Not all died in war, but many did. And many never came home to actually be buried. I am so thankful for the many generations of men and women who have put their lives on the line to preserve my life and lifestyle. Too bad so many people think they need to be idiots and destroy the pride and patriotism that makes America great.

Okay, now on to other stories after I depart my soapbox. Tommy was great enough to contact Representative Brady's office for a Capitol tour. It was awesome. I am pretty certain that the kids learned a lot. Abigail just admitted after eating dinner, that she noticed some paintings of women who were not wearing tops! "Their boobies were showing! (giggle, giggle, SO gross, giggle)" Man that girl takes in a lot of detail! Kaydence also loved the tour because we took all of the elevators...wait, that is Mom who enjoyed that part...well, she loved all of the acoustics, and everyone else figured that out. She likes to yell in spaces that echo. It is a long yell and she has her little hand up by her face like she is talking to it. I consider it her "song," but it is a little different to others who don't know her. She sang her song all the way through that tour. Needless to say, we did not use our tickets for the House or Senate Gallery today. I also had to move her back from the changing of the guard at Arlington as well. We can laugh about it in our family, but mostly because everyone else's expressions are so funny. Also, there are some situations where you just have to find the humor or else you might cry. This also explains why there are MANY situations I find comical that NO ONE else does, because I know I have to find humor in unexpected places sometimes. Life is too short to be taken so seriously.

We also took a tour of the monuments that Tommy and I have never taken before. We had a driver tour us in a little electric car. It was open air and was the most perfect tour we have ever taken. Our driver was so knowledgeable and it turns out her dad was a History professor. She should make him proud. Kaydence kept trying to lean over, so I had to lean her on me and hold on to her. The big kids loved the Lincoln Memorial best. What's not to love about it? Unfortunately, they had drained the Reflection Pool out front for maintenance. I did notice that the White House seems to be gated off and guarded more and more and more with each visit to D.C. and those barricades move further out. It makes me so sad to see that, but I understand since there are so many crazies in the world who would like to harm ANY sitting U.S. President.

Tommy and the big kids went to see the Congressional Baseball game for charity tonight as well. Our good friends Leslee and Damon got tickets. Kaydence and I were just a little too tired to go, but the rest of the fam had a great time. This was the game that the Republicans were practicing for when they were shot yesterday. Leslee's good friend, who is a volunteer coach for the team-not even a congressman, was hurt the worst of all. Last I heard, he was stable but critical. Remember to say a prayer for M please. He will have a long road to recovery.

While they went to the game, Kaydence decided that tonight was the perfect time to gag herself with her ENTIRE hand in her mouth, to the point that she vomited. On the bed of our B & B. Fortunately, there is a washer and dryer, but I bet that the duvet is not supposed to be machine washed. I washed it though and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we don't have to pay extra for new bedding. I then had to shower her because the only thing this house doesn't have is a tub. It was super hard because she doesn't stand without assistance. I can't hold a slippery kid and wash her hair and in the shower, she feels like I'm trying to hold on to a fish, or maybe a greased pig. I finally had to set her down in the shower floor (it's very clean) and hold her under the shower spray. After I finally worked the vomit out of her hair, I slapped her little hands every time she tried to put them in her mouth. She got the picture quickly. Yes, I slap her little hands when necessary because sometimes, I have no other method she understands.

I did leave out a funny story from Memphis. Tommy and Wade had left the hotel room for something and when they came back, the forgot the room number. They went to the room they thought was ours. It was not. They knocked on the door and decided to walk away because no one answered. Now, I can be slow to get to the door every now and then, so I guess this didn't phase them. The door finally opened, and Wade, being the prankster that he is, decided he was going to scare momma. Well that plan backfired because as he RAN up to the door with his hands in the air to make a "BOO" kind of gesture, he came face to face with the man we now refer to as Mr. Beardo, who was also wearing a CPAP machine mask for his night breathing. I'm laughing now even as I type this because all Wade could do was say, "Uh, oh, sorry...I thought you were my mom!" AH-HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I'm still laughing. That will teach Wade Neyland a lesson. And the next morning we were at breakfast and Wade was all, "I think I see Mr. Beardo!" He was so paranoid. Still. Laughing.

Tomorrow we head home. We have enjoyed our time together on this trip except for possibly while driving in heavy traffic. We will be glad to get back home. Pray for us on our journey home, and keep praying for our actual journey for Kaydence in her eating. We also hope that she can gain some ground in walking and standing this year as well. Pray for that too please if you don't mind. We appreciate all of the support and are so thankful for each and every prayer. God hears them, and He answers daily.


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