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Angel Unaware

What has been on my mind this week, and is the title of this post, is a book by Dale Evans called Angel Unaware. It is a very simply written book that was written many years ago right after Dale lost her daughter Robin. My friend brought me the book to read and I am so glad she did! Dale Evans and Roy Rogers have long been a couple that I have had so much respect for, but after reading this book, I am completely amazed by the faith they had. (And by the way, my son's nursery was decorated in Roy Rogers stuff when he was born!)

The book is written from Robin's point of view from Heaven, and tells about her short life of 2 years. She was born with Down Syndrome. In the end, she didn't pass from the heart issues she suffered, but from mumps encephalitis. But here is the part that grabbed me, Dale uses the moments in this book to tell how she and Roy grew from this experience. She didn't let it bring her so far down that she couldn't deal with it. Instead she chose to grow from it and have a stronger witness for God. How beautiful is that?! It took me probably 2 hours to read the book, crying through most of it of course, but I felt so comforted by it.

Here was a couple whose business was show business, and the book touches on how they left their kids behind a little to work. Most people would say shame, shame for this, but God used them to make a difference in their work. I constantly carry guilt as I was raised in a family of stay-at-home moms (if you were able) and I've never stayed at home with my kids, even though I'd rather. It has been a sincerely REAL struggle for me, especially the past few years as a County Extension Agent. I am off with other kids all summer it seems and a point came where my son told me and Tommy that we were allowed only 1 night meeting a week. He was 5 years old. If that doesn't grab your attention, I don't know what else will. However, after I read this book, I feel better about the fact that even though I am gone from my kids quite often, I get an opportunity each time to make a difference in the life of another child and showing them God's love and grace through work. And I try valiantly to make it up to my kids when I am home.

I have to admit that I LOVE the kids in 4-H with which I work. They are awesome and to see them grow and develop into young adults just warms my heart. Being a Christian example for them is important to me as I hope that they take that with them as they leave home and grow up. BUT, that said, I don't know what the future holds as I am getting ready to have Kaydence. Three kids is a whole other world and unlike Dale and Roy, I can't afford a nanny. I am faced with decisions to make that will benefit my family.

I just keep waiting to see what door God is going to open in this situation. I know that He will show me what to do if I am just open to listening to Him. That is a point I think many of us miss. We get so busy searching for open doors and windows that we just forget to stop, be still, and listen. God tells us in the Bible that He is in the stillness, the quiet. So I hope that anyone reading this will take this simple lesson with them: Be still and listen because it is in those moments when God will show us the way. Now if I can just remember to do this myself...


  1. Hang in there Wendy. God will definitely guide you in the direction you should go. I definitely know the "torn" between work and family. Just a few weeks ago Nathan was asking why I couldn't quiet my job so I didn't have to go to Lubbock for Roundup for 8 days. He said to just quite til after then, then I could go back to work. If it was only that easy! It just happens that Roundup falls the same week as a church camp he wanted to attend :( With me gone, Daddy really needed him here with him to help with Travis. He also has started asking "why" I don't attend school class parties like other moms. I don't miss events such as awards assemblies, programs, but didn't realize the class parties had bothered him. Being a daughter of an ag teacher I understand parents gone due to work, but we also had mom who was a SAHM til my sister began Kindergarten and even then she worked as a school teachers aid so she had the school holidays. I love the job I do but you don't want it to take away from your kids happiness either. At least now that Nathan is involved in 4-H it definitely helps because we are able to do "mommy's work" together more :)


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