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Almost Home

This may be very brief today as I have to blog from my phone. It's hard to battle that keyboard at times!

We were told Kaydence would come home Tuesday as her feeding was tweaked and she now eats much better. Instead of every 3 hours she will eat every 4 and take more milk. It is working well and she is about 6 1/2 pounds now!

She is very alert. I'm somewhat concerned she isn't much of a sleeper like her brother but in 5 years I know she will be better. The question is, will I survive? She is also crying when she's hungry too. Pretty awesome.

She had to have her car seat study this weekend because we thought Tuesday would be her homecoming. Well, she didn't pass. Her oxygen levels just wouldn't stay up. So she will be tested again. She has her MRI today and they won't do them both the same day because she will be sedated for the MRI and that sleepiness could interfere with the car seat test. So she won't test again until Tuesday.

If she doesn't pass again, she will get a portable oxygen tank for traveling only. She won't need it at home. I told the PA that was okay as we are used to that with my mother-in-law. (Please Beth, don't get me for saying that! Just think, you can have matching cannulas!)

So Thursday will probably be the day. I can't hardly wait. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!!


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