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Lessons Learned from Mary

There hasn't been a lot of news lately in our household, which I consider a great thing. I have weekly doctors visits to monitor Kaydence and her well being and nothing new has come about (except to keep having hope). So I have turned my attention to other things, like taking the time to discover more about God. Funny, it has taken me 34 years to reach a point I should've reached a long time ago. Thankfully, God accepts us as we are just as we accept our children the way they are.

My mind always floats to the birth of Jesus. I have always pondered Mary's reaction and wondered about Jesus as a child on this earth - being that there isn't a whole lot about that era of his life in the Bible. Mary's reaction to giving birth to Jesus is well documented in the book of Luke, while Matthew writes more on Joseph. Two songs from Christmas ring in my head: Mary Did You Know and Breath of Heaven. I think they exemplify what most of us wonder about when it comes to Mary.

Can you imagine, first of all, an angel coming to deliver a message from God to you? I personally believe God sends us messages via the Holy Spirit, but if necessary He'd send an angel. I think I would fall out, but Mary takes it all in stride though being startled at first. How precious the words must have been to her when the angel said, "God has shown you his grace" (Luke 1:30). We may not be given as awesome a task as giving birth to the Savior, but God shows us His grace every single day. We should feel blessed just to get out of bed! And ladies, just to give birth to any child is just as great a task because we are all here for the glory of God. We are giving birth to a baby God wants to use for His glory. Now please do not get me wrong. I am in no way saying that I am on the same level as Mary. I am soooo not. But I do know that God has entrusted me to care for 3 babies and to raise them in His church, so I will do that with honor. It is part of what I consider responsible parenting.

Mary must have been something else too! All I can say is wow! She listened to the the angel and then said,"I am the servant of the Lord. Let this happen to me as you say!" (verse 38). She had no idea what this was going to entail and she did not yet know the end result of this child's life on earth. She had never birthed a child. She didn't have a copy of What to Expect When You're Expecting. And you know that other ladies around her were probably not all that helpful because of the whole situation with Joseph and they just couldn't understand. But praise God for Elizabeth! How sweet that when John heard Mary, he jumped inside his mother's womb (verse 41). Yet another affirmation that the unborn are people with souls, not "just a fetus." For me, this is the best passage in the whole Bible besides I Kings 19:11-13.

Mary even praises God to Elizabeth. Do you have an Elizabeth in your life? By that, I mean someone who also will say outloud that they have experienced the blessings of God. An Elizabeth is also someone who will listen to you praise God and then rejoice with you. I do. And since December, God has sent me several Elizabeths. I am so thankful for those people.

So until I blog again, I hope you ponder the fact that Mary is such a great example for us all, and that we all have a task that God has given us. What is yours? And do you surround yourself with Elizabeths? Are you an Elizabeth for someone else?


  1. I Love this! I pray to Mary so often when I feel so compassionate about something. Especially my children, I know when she approaches Jesus there is no way He can deny her. Its His mother! It's so awesome to read this and know others love Mary as much as I do!!!

  2. And ladies, just to give birth to any child is just as great a task because we are all here for the glory of God. We are giving birth to a baby God wants to use for His glory. I copied and paste your own words here as they are so true and true feelings of a mommy. Think about what a gift you have, as well as myself, your mom, Casey, your cousin, Julie to be a woman because we are able to nuture, talk to, feel the kicks of our babies. Right now Kaydence is so loved by many but it is YOU, sweet girl, that has the blessing of knowing her and loving her completely. She knows your voice, she loves your donuts and coffee, she knows that she can stay awake all night and kick and move while you try to sleep because she knows that uncondionally you love her. WHAT A BLESSING YOU HAVE IN KNOWING GOD WANTS YOU TO BE HER MOMMY!!!
    Ms. Connie


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